who are we


Our Mission

  • Build Not Break is a non-profit organization that is designed to assist men, women and children in achieving and maintaining wholeness. We strive to address and enhance the qualities that make each person distinct, to provide opportunities for all to develop their sense of identity, and encourage all to identify and fulfill their purpose. Build Not Break strives to reduce external and internal barriers that hinder success, for men, women, and children while using effective strategies to overcome adversity, and knowledge of their role in today’s society. 

Our Vision

  • Build Not Break is designed to provide those in underserving communities with an opportunity to fulfill the purpose that he or she was designed and created for. Our organization envisions that all will speak and actively conduct themselves with intention and purpose. A woman invigorated with the spirit of empowerment, and an earnest desire to invigorate power and purpose into other women. All men to be accountable, steadfast in the community, to be given the tools, skills and knowledge to be productive in today's society. We desire our children to learn and understand successful strategies that will help them to overcome life’s challenges. Through character building, while learning and establishing strong social skills, our youth will be enhanced, therefore, creating a chain reaction that will invoke others to support the change and progress withing the community.

Our Objectives

  •  Our programs are designed to address the following domains: professional identity and development, youth and adult educational scholarships, and service. Build Not Break has endorsed the following four objectives consistent with the domains identified above:

  1.  To assist with professional identity and characteristics necessary for functioning in various professional capacities. 
  2.  To assist in maintaining quality education necessary to progress, to reduce stagnation, and to increase professional opportunity. 
  3.  To assist in identifying and fulfilling the purpose in all who desire change; to assist all in confronting and overcoming their challenges and obstacles, to harness the strength and power to establish themselves, and to enhance their sense of worth. 
  4.  To provide a variety of services to minority and underrepresented men, women and children through mentoring and external partnerships to strengthen the community for our men, women, children and families in crisis. 


Help Our Cause

  • Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve our communities. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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